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Anthony Requia, Los Angeles CA

Anthony Requia's Bio:

Anthony Requia is a 10 year veteran of the digital marketing and technology industries with broad experience in all aspects of contemporary business, working with both startups and established brands in the consumer services industries. Anthony has managed sales teams for products and services in the real estate and credit verticals, as well as, national sales campaigns for Directv and Dish Network. Anthony has since shifted his focus to business development but has particular expertise in sales and operations, product development, strategy and lead generation in both agent-assisted and self-serving environments.

Anthony Requia currently resides in Los Angeles. His interests include technology, music, sports, reading and exploring California's coastline. Anthony is passionate about real estate and architectural design.

Anthony Requia's Experience:

Anthony Requia's Education:

Anthony Requia's Interests & Activities:

Anthony Requia's interests include exploring Spotify for new music, spending time with family and friends across the country, adding miles to his bike along California's beaches and coastline, DIY projects and helping network shelter animals through social media platforms in the Los Angeles area. Anthony Requia is an avid sports fan and enjoys attending Los Angeles Dodgers, Kings and Clippers games as often as possible. Anthony's favorite sport is football and considers himself a die hard New England Patriots fan.

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